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Breckenridge, MN 

"Where the Railroad Meets the Rivers"

Breckenridge is a friendly and unique city of 3,559 people. We are located in Wilkin County on the Minnesota/North Dakota border, 45 miles south of Moorhead and situated at the junction of three rivers: Bois de Sioux, Ottertail and the Red River of the North. Breckenridge is the Headwaters of the Red River of the North.

No novel or TV series could be as interesting as the history and development of Breckenridge and the adventurous people who risked their lives to settle this land. The land now occupied as Breckenridge was originally inhabited by the Dakota (Sioux) and Ojibwa (Chippewa) Indian nations. Countless herds of buffalo roamed the area. In 1851, Indian treaties opened up this land for settlement. Breckenridge is a "Historic Riverboat & Railroad Town".

Having a beautiful river setting, Breckenridge flourishes with numerous attractions, recreational activities and historical points of interest. Area attractions include:

Local Community Events
1/30/07 Breckenridge Sesquicentennial. "Happy Birthday Breckenridge"-Founded Jan. 30, 1857. 3:00-7:30 pm, Breckenridge City Hall. Cake and coffee. Special appearances at 7 pm.
2/10/07 Breckenridge Public Library Oral History Presentation, Open House from 1-3 pm. Presentation at 2 pm. Refreshments served.
3/6/07 Sesquicentennial - "Happy 100th Anniversary City Charter". 3:00-7:30 pm, Breckenridge City Hall. Coffee and cookies. Special appearances by the Founding Fathers and the Storyteller.
4/23/07 Breckenridge Sesquicentennial- "Happy Birthday Breckenridge Public Utilities". Open House 3:00 to 7:30 PM, Refreshments Served. At Brecekenridge City Hall.
5/15/07 Breckenridge Sesquicentennial, Ghostly Pioneers Cemetery Walk. Riverside Cemetery. Founding Fathers will be seated at various sites. 6:30 to 8:00 pm.
6/10/07 Breckenridge Sesquicentennial- "Frontier Church Sunday". Each church celebrates its heritage in its own way.
7/10/07 Breckenridge Sesquicentennial. "In the Good Old Summertime". 7 to 8 pm. Ice cream, lemonade and music. Bumblebees performance, Welles Memorial Park. Founding Fathers and the Storyteller will be present.
7/20-22/07 Breckenridge Sesquicentennial. "Happy Birthday, Red River Valley & Western Railroad"
Aug 15-19/07 Breckenridge Sesquicentennial. Wilkin County Fair.
9/8/07 Breckenridge Sesquicentennial. Headwaters Day, Welles Memorial Park
11/22/07 Breckenridge Sesquicentennial. "Thanksgiving on the Prairie". Each home/family observes thankfulness for the City of Breckenridge in their own way.
12/9/07 Breckenridge Sesquicentennial. "Christmas at the Courthouse in Frontier Breckenridge". 2 pm, Wilkin County Courthouse. Bell Choir performance. Refreshments served. Will ring out the Breckenridge Sesquicentennial and ring in MN's Sesquicentennial in 2008. Founding Fathers will be present.

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