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Halstad, MN

City of Halstad
404 5th Avenue East, Halstad, MN 56548

Mark Your Calendars:

Halstad's 125th Birthday Party is scheduled for July 18, 19, and 20 of 2008.

The History Committee is asking for ALL Halstad families, businesses, and organizations to PLEASE submit a history of your group for the past 25 years. If you are a new resident family to Halstad, please tell a little about yourself and where your family moved here from along with pictures if possible.

We want to pick up where the 1983 Halstad Centennial book left off and publish an update of Halstad as 0f 2007-2008. Updates should include family information, picture, weddings, additions or deaths within the family during those 25 years. Any other interesting family information is more than welcome as well. Businesses and organizations should send information regarding officers, board of directors, employees, past and present services of the group, prices and rates for business "then and now", and pictures of the business or employees/members if available.

When you have compiled your "short story" together with pictures and anything else of interest, please send it to one of the committee co-chairpersons. Mary Trandem or Dede Lee. Mary's address is P.O. Box 138 Halstad. Dede's address is P.O. Box 115, Halstad. Please submit them AS SOON AS POSSIBLE! These need to be started right away in order to have the book completed for the celebration. You could also send this information by email to

Watch for WEEKLY updates and interesting items in The Valley Journal.

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